ipod touch, ipad, iphone, and iphone3gs etc

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do you know all the rules?

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1 do you know all the rules? on Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:25 am

Hey computergeek124 do you know all the rules? Because If you dont then I might put you off admin and then you can read the rules or just to tell people about the rules here is the rules.

Always do sensible posts and always report if wrong and if dont understand rules ask me a question or by e-mail or Ask computergeek124 to help thats what he is there for ok.

Just to be sure You know me and computergeek124 can ban and the third person that joins this site gets a reward to be admin.

If your intrested in idevices join simple as abc and if not interested please try to get someone who would ok see ya>

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